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Financial market infrastructure
Market integrity and regulation
International trade
Ella Kokotsis
G8 compliance and credibility
Environment, particular focus on climate change
Development, particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa
Professor John Kirton
G20 governance and institutionalization
Compliance and accountability
Banking and accounting standards
Jenilee Guebert
G8 and G20 commitment and compliance
International financial architecture
Ivan Savic
Financial crises
International financial institutions
Financial regulation


Jenilee Guebert:

Jenilee Guebert is the director of research for the G20 and G8 Research Groups, based at the Munk School of Global Affairs at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. Her responsibilities include directing, coordinating, monitoring and managing research projects associated with the G20 and G8 and global economic and financial governance. She regularly reports on plans and preparations for upcoming G20 and G8 meetings, which are published on the G20 Information Centre at and the G8 Information Centre at, and on economic and financial trends.

Her recent writing includes reports on “The G20’s Relationship with Multilateral Organizations,” “Are Promises Kept?” (in G8 and G20: The 2010 Canadian Summits, published by Newsdesk), “Accountability Report on Development: The Record of the G8 and the G20, 1975-2009” and “Past Performance of the G8 Summit and G20 Finance Forum.” She regularly attends G20 and G8 meetings and summits, where she conducts on-site analysis and interviews for major international media outlets, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Washington Post, the National Post, Bloomberg News and MarketWatch.

She frequently speaks on the G20 and G8 at workshops and conferences and has provided policy advice to various government and non-government officials.

Jenilee holds a BA in political science from the University of Calgary and has also pursued academic studies at the University of Toronto and University of Saskatchewan.




Jenilee Guebert

Jenilee Guebert in Italy

Jenilee Guebert & Ella Kokotsis

Jenilee Guebert at the Finance Minster Meeting


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