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Lida Preyma
Financial market infrastructure
Market integrity and regulation
International trade
Ella Kokotsis
G8 compliance and credibility
Environment, particular focus on climate change
Development, particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa
Professor John Kirton
G20 governance and institutionalization
Compliance and accountability
Banking and accounting standards
Jenilee Guebert
G8 and G20 commitment and compliance
International financial architecture
Ivan Savic
Financial crises
International financial institutions
Financial regulation


Ivan Savic:

Ivan Savic will be completing his PhD in Political Science from Columbia University in the fall of 2010. He received a B.Com. from the University of Toronto, specializing in commerce & finance and international relations.

For the past two years, Ivan has been a Research Fellow at the Center for International Studies (University of Toronto). He has also taught at the University of Toronto, Brown University and Columbia University. His primary research interest is in international finance, specifically: financial governance and regulation, the relationship between political and financial problems, and the politics of international crisis response. Ivan is also interested in the interplay of economic and security issues: the nature of economic interdependence under globalization and its impact on conflict.

Ivan has published a number of refereed articles on these issues and has produced numerous briefs and compliance reports on the current crisis for the G20 and G8 Research Groups. His most recent work focuses on G20 financial regulation reform efforts. He is currently working on a book examining the evolution of international financial crisis governance since the late nineteenth century.







Ivan Savic


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